Relevant Kids

Welcome to Relevant Kids Ministry! We have been praying for YOU and YOUR FAMILY and we are so glad you are here.

The purpose of our Kids Ministry is to provide an atmosphere for laying down a spiritual foundation that, in God's timing, will lead a child into a relationship with Christ.

Our Kids Ministries are full of life and activity focused on raising God's little ones to live up to their fullest potential in Christ. With loving leaders, a safe atmosphere, age appropriate lessons and a fresh approach to ministry, Relevant Kids is the place to be for children of all ages. We offer three different classes for babies-5th grade. Each area is geared for that specific age group.

I am always available to answer any questions or to serve your family in any way and I look forward to serving alongside you and your family! In order to equip parents better, I have started a Blog with all of the Take-Home sheets for Pre-K and Kids Church. I think it is important to continue the conversation we start on Sunday through out the week, so we want to make it as easy on you as a parent as possible!

Blessings, Pastor Lindsay



Our nursery is fully staffed with loving volunteers that are trained to give top notch care to your baby. They each have a background check on file with the church and are ready to play with your youngest children while you are in service. At Relevant, we believe it is very important to keep our classrooms sanitary. We use an all natural and child friendly thieves cleaner by Young Living Oils on our toys on a weekly and as needed basis. Cheerios are provided for this age as a snack. We also don't believe kids should ever have to sit in a soiled diaper, so our female teachers are responsible for changing them when they become soiled.



Our Pre-K Program is the official start of programming for your child. We use the Bible App for Kids Curriculum that takes the kids through key stories/themes of the Bible. They learn one story for a whole month with many aspects staying the same, while parts of the focus changes from week to week. We believe that repetition is key at this age, and the more they hear it, the more it will sink into their little hearts! Each month we prepare a "take home" sheet for parents to take home to help you reinforce what your child is learning at church. We also use thieves cleaner to sanitize toys in this room and have dairy, gluten and wheat free snack options available. Please take your child to the restroom before service starts.



We put on a FULL service for our elementary kids each week! Some elements that we do in these services are interactive worship, memory verses, object lessons, skits, puppets, Bible stories, games, small groups, offering time, review time and so much more. We are constantly re-evaluating our strategies of teaching kids to have a well rounded knowledge of the Bible and an ability to pray, find scriptures and have a genuine desire to know God more by the time they graduate from our program. Our three simple rules are Love God, Love Others and Have Fun! Everything we do fits into one of these rules.