El Salvador

Ministry and Outreach Trip 

DATES: Dec 28th-Jan 4th

COST: $1500

Dates are tentative until flight tickets are purchased 3 months prior to departure


Serving with Jonathan Farrant from their K59 Ministry Center located on a cove right on the Pacific Ocean. The ministry opportunities are endless but some include soccer and other sports-related outreaches, street ministry, school assemblies, ministering to orphans at a local orphanage, bringing hope to the children at the cancer hospital, and so much more. If you choose to participate in this trip, we know God will use you to impact the lives of El Salvadorian people as well as your own life.

The following list includes some of the options we have for ministry and projects. After we know who is on the team, we will determine which projects are the best for our group.

School Assemblies: During a school assembly program we would do the following: icebreaker, personal testimonies, drama/human video, and bring a message of hope. Depending on the school we can give an alter call and pray for the students. Afterwards we would have time for your team and the students to connect.

Street Ministry: For the street ministry we would host a program in a local park or town square. Much like the school assembly program. During a street event we would also have an alter call and pray for the people.

Children’s Ministry: We would either do a children’s outreach at the Impact Center with the local children in the village, at an elementary school or at an orphanage. During a children’s outreach we will do an icebreaker, children’s songs with actions, a Bible Story (ex. Jonah and the whale, the Good Samaritan), potentially bring a short illustrated sermon, and a small craft (ex. salvation bracelet, coloring, or other type of craft). During the children’s outreach time the team would have plenty of time to play and spend time with the kids.

Special Needs Hospital: We like to visit the special needs hospital or cancer hospital with every team. Although it may be difficult to see the children who will either be in their wheelchair or a crib bed or hospital bed, we have seen God touch lives though this ministry. Most teams tell us this outreach is one of their favorite parts of the trip.

Church Service: When we are given the opportunity to be involved at a local church, we would be given the entire service to minister or we would be given the time after worship to minister. Church services would be done much like our other outreaches.

Work Day: We would have one day or half-day to work on the Impact Center or other local project. We would be doing some sort of construction type job.

Encouragement of local missionaries, Jonathan & Alicia Farrant & their 5 children.



Population: 6.2 million

Religion: Catholicism: 62%, Protestant: 21%, Other: 17%

Language: Spanish 

Average Temp:: 90 degrees

Currency: US Dollar

Time change: None: Central Standard Time

More Info: Visit Lonelyplanet.com and check out the CIA World Factbook 


COST - $1500

Estimated trip cost until airfare is purchased

Included in cost:

Airfare, transportation, food and accommodations

International emergency/medical insurance

Global team t-shirt and limited sightseeing

Does not include passport fees or immunizations costs



Deposit and application Due July 15 $200

1st Payment Due Aug 15 $500

Final payment Due Oct 31st $800

Total cost $1500

All deposits/payments/contributions:

online payments are highly encouraged


All payments/donations are tax deductible, non-refundable and non-transferable



Personal support letters

Reduce your luxury spending (coffee, eating out, entertainment, etc)

Collect and sell unwanted items on eBay or craigslist

Possible get a second, temporary, part-time job



Three team training meetings

Attendance is expected



For more information go online to travel.state.gov



No immunizations required by the U.S. State Department

Consult your personal physician for their recommendations

Visit a travel clinic or check out cdc.gov



Complete online application 

Make sure you have a valid passport.

Start raising financial support.